Lomax is coming!

Welcome to Lomax, the Hound of Music, Sirius Thinking's new music education series for PBS!

Play Gus and Inky's Reading Games!

Come along with Get Ready to Read!'s Inky the Octopus and Gus the Bunny from PBS' Between the Lions on their underwater adventures. These online games involve young children, with an adult, in entertaining stories and engaging activities that explore a variety of essential early literacy skills. Click on one of the links below to begin....

Chapter 1: Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventure
On Gus the Bunny's first underwater visit with his friend Inky, the pair offers young children several short activities that explore rhyming words, word recognition, letter names and letter sounds.

Chapter 2: Rhyme Time
Gus tries out hip-hop beats as Inky helps him learn about rhyming. Children participate in the story by finding words that rhyme to help Gus write his first hip-hop song.

Chapter 3: Wild Word Round Up
Gus visits the Lone Starfish Dude Ranch for an underwater adventure with Inky. Children learn to listen for the sounds in words. Gus and Inky help them blend parts of words together and listen for beginning and ending sounds.

Between the Lions
The six-time Emmy Award winning BETWEEN THE LIONS, produced by WGBH, Sirius Thinking, and Mississippi Public Broadcasting, has recently premiered ten exciting new episodes on PBS KIDS. Click here for details!

Sirius Thinking, Ltd. has received multiple Emmy and Grammy awards. Click here for a full list of awards won by Between the Lions.
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