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Welcome to Lomax, the Hound of Music, Sirius Thinking's new music education series for PBS!
Lomax, The Hound of Music


Welcome to Lomax, the Hound of Music, Sirius Thinking's new music education series for PBS! Here, for a half-hour each week starting in the autumn of 2007, preschool children and their families will sing, clap, and dance along with a relentlessly good natured, floppy-eared, melody-obsessed puppet pooch named Lomax, and his human companion, Jean, a gifted, and equally fervent, singer and song-collector, on a tune-filled train ride across the musical landscape of America.

With the help -- and full participation -- of a group of real kids on the train and the viewers at home, and in spite of the resistance of Lomax's reluctant puppet sidekick, Delta the Cat, Lomax and Jean will happily-- if doggedly -- pursue their mutual passion: tracking down the wonderful songs that form the heart of our nation's incredibly diverse musical heritage, learning and singing some of them together, and listening to others performed by some of Americaωs leading contemporary musical celebrities.

Along the way, Lomax -- when he's not struggling with such difficult decisions as whether to chew a bone or satisfy an insatiable urge to hear a song about one -- will make the most of his unique ability to hear melodies from miles and miles away. His ears will shoot straight up. Then heωll point with his nose to let Jean know exactly where the song is coming from, bark a few notes of the tune to help her identify it, and the chase is on!

That is unless Delta the Cat does something to get in the way. Delta happens to be blessed with a gorgeous singing voice. (Well, Lomax thinks itωs beautiful, and it is ω at least when we hear it through his ears.) She also has an uncanny ability to meow on pitch. Nonetheless, she insists that she couldnωt care less about music ω listening to it, singing it, tracking it down, whatever ω and steadfastly maintains that she doesn't have a clue what all the fuss is about. But try as she might, she canωt convince Lomax that her indifference is real. Lomax figures it's just an act -- a typical cat thing ω and, much to her chagrin, he never flags in his efforts to make her participate in all the musical activities on the train. The fact that Delta usually ends up joining in -- and actually seems to enjoy herself once she does ω only serves to annoy her even more.

When Lomax and Delta have one of their frequent heated personal conversations, or when they talk to camera, encouraging participation (as they often do as well), or in the rare moments when Lomax actually manages to get Delta to sing for him, the home audience will hear every word they utter in plain English. Unfortunately, all that Jean and the other people in their world hear when Lomax and Delta talk are barks and meows. This is just fine with Delta, but there are times when Lomax desperately wishes he could make Jean understand exactly what he has to say.

But, in the end it's the common language of song that will enable all our characters to communicate and connect, and that will bind everyone together as one big happy family on Lomax, the Hound of Music.

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