Sirius Thinking, Ltd., began in 1996 when John Sculley, Christopher Cerf, Norman Stiles, and Michael Frith joined together to found a creative company based in New York City.

The core team is made up of key talent from such top-tier children's educational/entertainment companies as Sesame Workshop, Jim Henson Productions, Nickelodeon, and Random House. Among them, they have won Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Writers Guild Awards, Parent's Choice Awards, and a host of other honors indicative of their ability to create popular and enduring childrenωs characters and content.

Sirius Thinking offers partners and clients an unparalleled ability to create successful puppet and animated characters as well as world-class creative content for use in educationally-driven multiple media. It also offers access to some of the most talented writers, artists, composers, producers, directors, puppet builders, and animators in the business.