Greatest Hits from Lomax: The Hound of Music

Click on the images or titles below to check out some of the most beloved songs from the PBS music education series, Lomax: The Hound of Music. Or, for a broader selections, check out Lomaxfanatic's Musical Playlist on YouTube, available here.


"The Melody Hound Express" (Opening Theme Song)

"The Melody Hound Express," the theme song for Lomax: The Hound of Music is set to the tune of "The Wabash Cannonball," and tells the story of the show's principal characters. Christopher Cerf wrote the lyrics, Larry Campbell played all the instruments (except for the drum part added by the legendary Levon Helm), and Amy Miles, Peter Linz, Jennifer Barnhart, Fred Newman, Pam Arciero, and Jim Kroupa provided the vocals. " Stop, look, and listen!


"There Ain't No Bugs on Me"

Join Amy, Lomax, Delta, Larry Campbell, and the kids for a flea bath and a rousing version of "There Ain't No Bugs on Me." And don't worry about Louise and Clark, the song-loving fleas who live on Lomax and use him as a vehicle (literally!) for exploring our nation's musical heritage.They're wearing hazmat suits!


"The Gooney Bird Song"

"Right now" is always the time to sing "The Gooney Bird Song" (written by celebrated music educator John Feirabend as his personal tribute to the classic folk tune "Father Abraham") or to dance "The Gooney Bird Dance." (This clip is designed to help you do both.)


"The Cat Came Back"

With more than a little help from her own kitty, Delta, Amy performs the famous old song about "Old Mr. Johnson" and the cat who just wouldn't stay away, no matter how hard Mr. J. tried to get rid of her.


Tom Chapin Sings "The Crabfish Song"

The great Tom Chapin makes a special guest appearance on Lomax: The Hound of Music, singing a famous -- and funny -- old sea chantey, "The Crabfish Song." Amy, Delta, Lomax, and the kids in the audience, join in the fun. (You can help, too: Sing along with everybody on the choruses!)